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Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man in Bed

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Gemini and Aquarius are the couple who have been together for years, but never seem to settle down. These two free spirits understand one another almost.

Your attraction to each other lies in a meeting of minds, however much romance or physical attraction there might be at the outset. Both of you are thinking people with a great need to communicate. You are both idealistic and need an intelligent partner, and you have probably found this in each other. You are also both in need As a typical Gemini you talk a lot and you are never where you were five minutes ago.

No one can tie the Twins down with a heavy cord and expect this sylph of the air to remain patiently waiting until the cord is tugged. More likely, you’ll perform a Houdini-like trick and vanish before their eyes, leaving them with the cord. You are Air signs live in the world of ideas, and they’re frightened of strong emotions.

This is truer of Aquarius than any other sign. They’re not the world’s most romantic or effusive lovers. They are often extraordinarily naive in matters of the heart, which contradicts the sophistication of their ideas. Sincerity, integrity, fairness

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility: Inventive and Unemotional In Bed

Gemini and Aquarius live on the same wavelength and therefore often recognize each other in the crowd. From the first phrases they understand that there is a lot in common between them. This is evidenced by the fact that they have one for two air elements. It empowers its representatives with a broad outlook, unconventional thinking and highly developed intellect. They are never bored together: there is something to do and talk about.

Important traits of a Gemini man in relation to an Aquarius woman.

While Aquarians like you are known for being independent and experimental, loving variety in all ares of life, you are surprisingly loyal in sexual relationships. You want to find the one person who will let you be as open and rebellious in bed as you want — anything goes! But although you make a forward-thinking lover, you might want to work on your ability to be romantic On top of that, Aries never does anything without being thoroughly engaged — at least for the moment. As usual, hearing those words will only make you more intent on going through with your plans.

This hot-as-they-come lover will appeal to you because there will be so little fanfare. But, once you get into bed, you may have to work at calming Aries down so you can get together on things like pace and timing. Aries goes head-first into every experience in a physical way, much as you do in the realm of ideas. This fiery person has an intense temper, and it will flare.

The good news is, though, it will subside as quickly as it rose up.

Gemini and Aquarius Love Compatibility

When a “let’s keep things friendly and impersonal” Aquarius woman hooks up with a friendly “that’s it for now, catch you later” Gemini man, you have the makings for an easy, breezy “friends with benefits” relationship. For some people, hooking up with a friend would be a big no-no. However, this is a twosome that can hit the sheets with no destination in mind.

The Aquarius woman is smart, independent, and most of all, an original. Everything about her can best be described as quirky.

Gemini men and Aquarius women who are seeking love or friendship together are truly in luck as this pairing is extremely beneficial and.

Gemini and Aquarius are both free thinkers that need a lot of leeway in love. A whirl of stimulating activities gets the ball rolling since these two are curiosity seekers. When they come together, it’s a meeting of two bright minds, and that’s where the seeds of love begin to grow. Nothing is too taboo for Aquarius , and Gemini is flexible enough to try anything once.

This leads to lots of experimentation, on dates and in the bedroom. Aquarius is drawn to the unconventional and accepts Gemini’s restless and inconstant nature. And Gemini is charmed by the wholly original ideas that spill forth from Aquarius.

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility: The Communicator and the Sage

Email address:. Both their heads are in the clouds, meaning they will be able to understand one another easily. As Air signs, they will think that if they have talked about something, they have also taken action. Because they belong to the same element, these two will get along very well. The Gemini man likes variety and talking a lot. This means he will be able to stimulate the Aquarius woman.

Before they are lovers or friends, the Gemini man and the Aquarius woman are strongly connected on an intellectual point of view. They may.

These signs have one foot firmly in the future and are the sort who would sign up for the first Mars space mission. Dreamers, awesome communicators and quite eccentric they are capable of creating magic and giving word peace a jolly good attempt. Sometimes it may appear like they are married to humanity and social causes rather than each other but when Gemini and Aquarius make time for each other the intellectual sparks will be sexy as hell. To infinity and beyond!

Self-contained and independent they are often in different cities or countries so regular catch-ups are a scheduling nightmare. What initially bonds them is usually Sci-Fi or fantasy and together these guys get some serious geek on. Expect to see them regularly at Comic Con and they just love a good role play game, escape room or laser skirmish.

Robust discussions are bound to be had over Batman V Superman with Aquarius voting for the gadgets and Gemini for the powers. This friendship can last a lifetime as Aquarius never tells Gemini to grow up and Gemini takes Aquarian flights of fantasy seriously. Intense conversations are the first signs of attraction — if the Twins want to take things further advanced flirting skills are unleashed.

Gemini needs to modify their usual attraction behavior and just tell Aquarius how they feel — which will also scare the bejesus out of the Water bearer, but makes them confront the existence of romantic feelings.

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

The relationship that you have with a native of Aquarius will be one of the best. It is also the case that you both will have a special mental connection with each other. In Gemini and Aquarius compatibility , you will be delighted with the understanding you have for each other. Your horoscope shows that you love ideas so much and your love is full of it.

You both need your independence and could easily provide one for each other since the situation is understood by them.

Gemini and Aquarius Love Compatibility. As a rule, so amorous and sociable signs do not leave after the first date. Feeling in the partner’s soul mate, they can chat.

You have been enjoying the joys of being with a special person for some time now, but today you may be suddenly seized with doubts. These rise not from the actions of your partner but from your own actions and beliefs. You are experiencing a level of commitment which you never planned for happening. It is natural to feel some jitters. However, you need to understand that these doubts are normal and generally groundless.

Do not let these fester and grow as it will needlessly jeopardize your relationship though you love your partner and are totally committed to your partner. Trying to resolve your doubts in a reasonable way is also not going to work very well. This is because you are now in an emotional state and your mind is not ready to listen to logic and reasonable arguments. If you are overly emotional now, your partner balances you perfectly.

Your partner will play the main role in washing away your doubts and reassuring you about the status of the relationship. So, trust your partner and act accordingly. Instead of finding faults or over analyzing your own situation, listen to your partner who has a number of valuable observations to meek.

The Gemini Experience: Gemini&Aquarius Compatibility

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