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So, you can’t afford that ’54 Strat, or that ’64, or even that ’74 for that matter. Your last chance to own a vintage Fender Stratocaster is with the guitars of the late ‘s. You spot a ’79 in a local shop, or online, but how can you be certain it is a ’79? Some dealers simply go by the serial number, which you will discover can be far from accurate. Some might go by the pot codes, but those could have been stock a year or more old by the time they were put into the newly finished guitar. Or perhaps the guitar was even assembled by various parts picked up over the years and is being passed off as “All original”. My intent with this site is to educate those who are on the hunt for that last affordable vintage Fender Stratocaster.

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Its simple yet effective design and revolutionary sound broke ground and set trends in electric guitar manufacturing and popular music. Introduced for national distribution as the Broadcaster in the autumn of as a two-pickup version of its sister model, the single-pickup Esqire , the pair were the first guitars of their kind manufactured on a substantial scale.

A trademark conflict with rival manufacturer Gretsch led to the guitar being renamed in

Finally, mention should be made of the potentiometers code which, although less reliable to date a guitar, may be useful to cross-check the integrity of its wiring.

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Guitarzan Level 2 Posts: Hi guys. I’m hoping someone here can help me to figure out the hardware numbers on a Tele my neighbor just brought over here for me to look over for him. He just wanted me to try and verify that it’s all original. My confusion is with the pot codes. The neck plate serial number checks out as a ‘

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Discussion in ‘ Basses [BG] ‘ started by brandon. Confused on fender neck stamp dating Discussion in ‘ Basses [BG] ‘ started by brandon. Jan 30, 1.

We have found these pots in all the Strats we’ve seen with pots dated A few Telecasters have shown up with neck codes that would indicate a date​.

Photo by Greg Marra. Who Uses What? Old Gibsons had k pots, but their humbuckers were relatively low output, with low DC resistance compared to modern rock and metal humbuckers. With k pots it yields a screaming overdrive tone. Wired and played this way, the pickup produces a thicker, stronger, warmer tone. Vintage Stratocasters use k pots, but the vintage wiring scheme leaves the bridge pickup without a tone control. Other things being equal, the bridge-position pickup is even peakier than the neck and middle pickups.

Many modern players wire a tone control to the bridge pickup, but this mellows the bridge pickup simply by being in the circuit—even if the tone control is all the way up! If your single-coil pickups seem dull and lackluster, try stepping up to k pots.

Properly Dating a Fender Bass

Wiring colors in are usually yellow and blue, or white and black. Black bobbins pickups often had no date if they did it was pencil hand written. Nice missmatch of light grey and purple-ish bottom, from a mustang model.

Mar 10, – Fender Telecaster Bass in original finish. The neck dates pots date The neck plate dates However this appears to.

Non e’ questo il caso delle chitarre Fender fabbricate in Estremo Oriente, che possono avere entrambe le configurazioni. BASS e J. BASS hanno la giusta spaziatura ampia al dodicesimo tasto stile , mentre le corrispondenti versioni USA hanno i pallini a spaziatura stretta I differenti schemi di numerazione ed i sistemi usati alla Fender dal riassunti anno per anno si applicano solo alle chitarre e bassi elettrici fabbricati in USA quelli veri!

I modelli Fender e Squire costruiti in Giappone e Corea NON sono inclusi nella tabella di datazione, anche se possono avere schemi di numerazione simili. In effetti, a meno che non sia stata manipolata disonestamente, una Fender giapponese dovrebbe avere una piccola scritta adesiva ‘made in Japan’, o sulla paletta o sul retro del manico, vicino all’attaccatura del manico al body.

Naturally, all Fender guitars were made in the USA until the Japanese models of late , but if you bought a , or model Strat it was possible to get one with these pickguard electronic assembles from Mexico. They still had CTS company pots and are no different with respect to sound. The only way to tell is from the very small “MEXICO” stamped on the pot most likely a legal requirement to indicate origin of assembly.

Dating a Stripped Telecaster Body

Introduction and General Specs. Overview of collecting vintage Fender guitars, basses and amps. General specifications, serial numbers, Fender vintage guitar cases.

Date Added: Tuesday 17 March, Suitable for solid shaft Aged nickel. Made to fit mm solid shaft pots, they can more info Telecaster Control Plate (CTS Potentiometer Holes) Vintage Spec more info.

This item has been sold. Fender Telecaster Model Solid Body Electric Guitar , made in Fullerton, California, Blonde lacquer finish, ash body, maple neck, original brown leatherette gig bag case. This beautiful “Blackguard” Fender Telecaster was assembled at the company’s original factory in Fullerton, California right around the end of It carries a very consistent set of date markings, with the serial number stamped on the bridgeplate. The neck is dated in pencil on the heel, while the body also carries a red-penciled date mark of the same month in the neck cavity, with the “Tadeo” signature above in grey pencil.

The potentiometer date codes are indicating the pieces were made the 33rd week of

1972 Vintage Fender Telecaster Volume & Tone Pots with Cap 1970s Tele Potentiometers

Question – any tips on making sure it’s not a partscaster? The neck stamp and heel plate are obvious, but since the body is stripped and it’s had a re-wire, any vague certainty that it’s nothing more than a body stuck on an old neck with some old pots? Any man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with this stuff alone.

The Fender Telecaster, colloquially known as the Tele /ˈtɛli/, is the world’s first commercially Controls include a dual concentric volume pot for each pickup, a master tone and 3-way pickup switching. The American Nashville B-Bender guitar.

Obviously, the headstock serial number states it’s a Fender Telecaster starting with S7. While we appreciate your interest, unfortunately, our serial number records only go back to So, we cannot identify your specific instrument based on the serial number, as it predates this time. Based on the style of the serial number, it would relate to either , or CBS owned Fender from – We did not acquire Fender until and CBS did not pass along production information, so we would not have details on the parts used during that time.

Also, it can be difficult at times to determine if parts are original to an instrument, because they could be from around the same time period, but a modification, or swapped out.


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The true answer will make me understand what I have and whether I list the Telecaster on EBay or not. My guesses are: 13th Week of ??? I have never heard of a Potentiometer? I check would check with a volt ohm meter. When I replace pick ups I put a new set of pots on it. I would never date a guitar by pots. I do an install that is cleaner than the ones that came new on the guitar.

Pot is short for Potentiometer. Look it up. I never heard that term before or did and just forgot it. I also did not know you could date a guitar by them.

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All pots date , pickups Read More Danny Gatton’s Personal Prototype 1 Fender Telecaster Fender Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster.

Ever since Fender started making basses in , they dated certain parts and components to give a general idea of when the instrument was produced. Then there are pickup and potentiometer date codes, serial numbers, and even bridge stamps and pickguard codes in some cases. So how do you properly determine the year of production? They just grabbed whatever part or component was ready and put the instrument together to fill an order as fast as possible.

The general rule of thumb is that a bass is as old as its newest part, or at least its latest dated part. So, if you have a Fender with a neck date of and the pots are dated , then you have a Fender Bass. There are some years in particular that can get really tricky. Some Precision Basses have no neck date stamp at all, and several Fender basses from to have neck stamp codes that are difficult to decipher and sometimes impossible to read.

Body stamp dates were used by Fender from the early s to the mids, after which they stopped until the s where they started again sporadically to this day. Potentiometer codes are pretty reliable for dating, usually indicating the year and week it was made.

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